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We understand the importance and value of pets and want to keep seniors and their best friends together.

Call us anytime when:
• you unexpectedly end up in the emergency room • you go in for surgery or hospitalization
• you are unable to care for your pet like you used to • you need someone to walk the dog, feed the pets
• you are visiting relatives and cannot take your pet • your have an extended stay at a rehabilitation center or facility
• the physical demands are too much • you are experiencing illness and cannot get out of bed
• you just need a helping hand • your horses or farm animals need to be fed


Best Friends
The staff at Nashoba Homecare loves animals. We have cats, dogs, birds and even rabbits and horses. Pet service is included, at no additional charge, during our regular service hours. The emotional benefits of having pets are well established. They bring laughter, companionship and unconditional love, especially to seniors who can be isolated from society. Pets give seniors a purpose to get up in the morning. Numerous studies have shown that pet ownership also has positive effects on physical and mental well-being. Those who have pets are generally happier and more active than those who do not. It has been proven that those who care for a pet take better care of their personal hygiene. We take care of seniors and their own pets. We can feed them, give them water, play with them, change the cat litter or bird cage and provide transportation to the vet.


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