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Long-Distance Care for Aging Parents
The stress of caregiving seems magnified when separated by long-distance. Will a parent slip and fall when going outside, will mom get into an accident driving to the store; will dad start a fire by leaving a hot pan on the stove? The list of concerns can be overwhelming. When families are separated by distance we can understand the worry and relieve the stress by working as a team with your family to ensure that your loved one receives all the assistance necessary to be able to continue to live independently. Nashoba Homecare has the staff and services available to care for aging parents and to keep you informed so that you have the information to make knowledgeable decisions. We offer support for your lifestyle transitions. Family Stress Relief Studies have proven that in-home care makes for happier and healthier lifestyles. From daily living routines to rehabilitation and long-distance care, we will make your life easier. Nashoba Homecare understands the challenges and concerns when it comes to caring for your loved ones and family. We are by your side every step of the way.
We can help with: •Alzheimer's Disease
•Dementia Care
•Personal care & hygiene
•Wellness checks
•Home health
•Pet assistance •Transportation
•Organizing clutter & papers
•Assisting with phone calls
•Homemaking & cleaning
•Grocery shopping
•Medication reminder
•Meal preparation
•Maintaining interests
•Fall risk management
•Hospice Support
Rehabilitation at Home Many times when being discharged from a hospital seniors do not realize they have the option of having skilled nursing and rehabilitation care at home covered by Medicare or Insurance. Our services support nursing agencies, physical therapy and skilled nursing services. Personalized attention is given during recovery enabling elders to continue living a comfortable, lifestyle in the familiar environment of home. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease
Our aides make a difference by listening to life experiences, sharing in special moments and helping to maintain interests and activities. Particularly with Alzheimer's Disease, anxiety and agitation can set in; we have the experience to calm and refocus seniors by means of engaging positive conversation and activities. Whether you need a helping hand or health care support, we are here for you offering short or long-term care, hospice support or 24-hour on-call service.
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